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Series 1 Land Rover SPARES


1953 Siamese 2 Litre Petrol Engine

Serial Number:36132450

Can be heard running, no tapping, rattles etc

100% complete with :-



Engine mounts



Heater pipes also included

£Sorry Sold

Full PTO with Guard

To fit Series 1 SWB - 86" & 88"

Complete and working

£1,250 plus VAT


Iso speedic Governor

To fit Series 1

Condition unknown

Turns freely and levers move OK.

Type 545/9

Serial no: 2691024


Genuine SU Fuel Pump

Part number: AUA25

12v Dual Polarity Points

£93.60 including VAT

(£78 plus VAT)

80" Flexible Brake Hose

Part number: 219824

£14 including VAT

(£11.67 plus VAT)



Minerva Bulkhead

These are very similar to Series 1 80 inch and can be used as a replacement.

Requires some work but very usable.


VAT Not Applicable



Imported from Australia
Chassis for Series 1 86 "

Chassis number : 576604**
(no documents)

Very sound condition. Ideally needs the engine and gearbox cross members replacing as they are a bit bashed, the rear cross member is sound but has some angle on the bottom and the ends are damaged – this would straighten out OK.


Including VAT (£1100 plus VAT)


Imported from Australia

Chassis for Series 1 109"

Chassis number : 123700***
(no documents)

Fantastic condition

£Sorry Sold


Imported from Australia
Chassis for Series 1 86 "

Chassis number : 476604**
(no documents)

Very sound condition. Has had some repairs to the rear legs probably due to cracking rather than rot, engine cross member could do wth replacing  and the rear cross member will need some repair.

£Sorry Sold