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Perentie 110's1987 - 1991

Direct Australian Defence Dept

3.9 Isuzi Diesel

Galvanised Chassis

Built for the Australian Forces the Perentie is based on theLand Rover Defender and uses many common parts.These vehicles have been extremely well maintained, many with total rebuilds.They are pretty much RUST FREE and in superb condition.

The 3.9 N/A Isuzi diesel is renowned for it's reliability andcoupled with Land Rovers strongest gearbox the LT95 makes these Defenders like a Land Rover should be simple, reliable with loads of grunt.

Fitting a galvanised chassis to a 300 Tdi 110 would cost a good proportion of the purchase cost of a Perentie when all the biils have come in - and you still probably still have rusty doors, bulkhead etc etc !!

The bulkheads, doors and running gear of these Perenties are all very clean.

On the road the Perentie drives very well, easily cruising at 70mph.





Perentie 4x4 Cargo - 1989 (F)

Direct Australian Defence Dept

3.9 Isuzi Diesel


Excellent  chassis, bulkhead and doors.

Fitted with power steering

5 Speed LT85 gearbox

Puma bonnet and seats

Galvanised Chassis

Including MOT and Service

Price £Sorry Sold




Perentie 6x6 Cargo

May 1991

Direct Australian Defence Dept

3.9 Isuzi Diesel Turbo

Galvanised Chassis

Very original cargo 6x6.

Drives very well, superb chassis, bulkhead and doors etc

Power steering

Comprehensive service record, long list of recently fitted parts including engine, transmission, front axle etc

Low Warranted Mileage (from new)

of 127,700km's (79,750 miles)

Including MOT and Service

Price  £Sorry Sold

Plus VAT - can be zero rated for exportPlease NoteThis is ON THE ROAD and includes all duties, import/export permissions, new MOT, UK registration, road tax, service and thorough check over. There are no other costs

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